Online store

Multiple functionalities

Order tracking by application

Thanks to several features, I can track orders more easily and manage them more efficiently

Trustpilot integration

Thanks to the integration of trustpilot, the customer reviews are transcribed directly on the online store

Product management by application

Thanks to several functionalities, the management of the products remains organized in order to follow the good progress of the inventory

UI/UX design

The site is created according to a graphic charter and thus has a cohesion in the design, nothing is left to chance.

Responsive website

In addition to the perfect design on computer, the site is perfectly accessible on mobile and also on tablet.

Social login (Facebook, Google,...)

When registering or logging in, the customer has the option of using the same credentials as their social networks, connecting directly with Facebook or Instagram

Abandoned cart system

The site is accessible as a user, but adding items to the cart is available. Once registered, it allows to keep in memory the favorite articles

Loyalty point system

It is possible to create loyalty points when placing an order or even during events in the store to build customer loyalty

Delivery or collection system

We take care of setting up the delivery and/or collection system to allow customers to have their orders delivered to their home or to collect them from the store.

Colissimo, worldwide Relay, Chronopost

The delivery will be generally taken care according to your criteria by colissimo, mondial relay and chronopost.

Click and collect

The possibility of in-store pick-up is also available, allowing customers to collect their orders directly from the store.


The quality of this service is very increased allowing a very good reliability.

Tracking of all deliveries

All deliveries can be tracked at any level by our established services.


The chatbot is a robot that answers questions from potential customers. This allows a direct and automatic response.

Simple configuration

The configuration of this service is simple and allows you to be autonomous.


The chatbot allows automatic responses and does not require your permanent availability.

Conversation tracking

The follow-up of the conversations and recorded allowing you to know the questions asked to the robot

Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of the customers increases since the answer is given directly without any expectation on their part.

Contact form

Do not hesitate to fill in this contact form, our service will be happy to come back to you as soon as possible.

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