Website for restaurant

Multiple functionalities

Responsive website

In addition to the perfect design on computer, the site is perfectly accessible on mobile and also on tablet.

UI/UX design

The site is created according to a graphic charter and thus has a cohesion in the design, nothing is left to chance.

Reservations integrated in Google calendar and Facebook

Reservations made on the site can also be registered on other applications such as google calendar for easy accessibility.

Menu(s)' page

Specific pages are created for the menus, this allows a good harmony of the site and allows potential customers to have a taste of the menu.

Online Reservations

The ability to reserve your meal slot is a real asset for a restaurant site. We take care of creating this feature.

Easy to book

Thanks to our expertise, the reservation system remains simple to use.

Organization of reservations

This feature allows the restaurant to increase the reliability and organization of their reservations.

Increase in reservations

Online booking allows the customer to book at any time and therefore increases the booking rate.

Improved accessibility

With this feature on the site, customers find it easier to make a reservation.

Takeaway system

When booking, a takeaway or even delivery system can be set up.

Increase in sales

This feature allows for an increase in meal sales.

Ease of use

The implementation of this feature allows for easy and understandable use for customers.

Secure payment

For meals on delivery, payment remains very secure and reliable.

Contact form

Do not hesitate to fill in this contact form, our service will be happy to come back to you as soon as possible.

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