Creation and design of web site

You want a brand new website or to modernize the existing one? We work with you in France, Belgium and the UK to create the most functional, efficient and cost-effective website possible.

In addition to the showcase that a website represents, it will benefit from the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your future customers can easily find you. We can also offer you a PPC (Google Ads) and online lead acquisition strategy.

Secure hosting

DigiCami offers to host your website on a systematically updated, robust, simple and secure platform.

The availability and performance of your website depend on the hosting. And without sufficient security, your website could be hacked and/or made inaccessible. We are partnered with one of the largest hosting companies in Europe to guarantee the total security and availability of your website.

Professional messaging

We manage your professional inboxes (e.g.

An e-mail address with your domain name looks more professional. It is also a good way to distinguish between your private and professional emails.

Mobile optimization

All our websites are optimized for mobile devices (tablet and smartphone).

65% of website visits come from mobile devices. Mobile optimization makes your website look as good on mobile as on PC.

Web site design

Website design is included in every offer. Therefore, there is no additional cost charged.

DigiCami works on a subscription model, so website design is included in the offer.

Google Maps integration

Show your customers where your business is located by integrating Google Maps into your website.

Google Maps integration helps your customers find you more easily. Your address is visible on your website and on a map. On mobile devices, the integration allows you to immediately start navigating to your address.

Professional images and videos

Professional images and videos DigiCami is under contract with many image and video professionals.

Your website is the showcase of your business, your store, your idea, your brand … So you might as well bet on professional photos.

Advanced SEO

SEO has a tremendous impact on your ranking in search results. It must therefore be treated with care.

Even if it doesn’t show on the website itself, advanced SEO takes a lot of time and effort. Good SEO allows Google and other search engines to analyze and index your content faster to improve your ranking in the results.

Multilingual website

Do you have international customers or do you plan to expand into other countries? We are able to localize your website in several languages.

If you want to open up to a foreign clientele, tourists for example, it is in your interest to propose a site in several languages so that these customers can find you.

Integration of social networks

Integrating your social media accounts with your website will help increase the number of visitors.

There are two reasons for this: first of all, it is the way to allow Google and other search engines to understand the link between your website and all your social network accounts, and secondly, it will generate traffic from your website to your social network accounts and vice versa.

Google Play & Apple Store apps

DigiCami can offer you to create a Google Play and/or Apple Store application to complement your website.

There is no doubt that by transforming your website into an app, you increase the chances of communicating with customers.

Personal approach

DigiCami positions itself more as a partner than as a simple supplier. We want to understand your business to better help you develop it.

Our strengths make up for the shortcomings of the competition. We are at your side from start to finish: from the conception phase to the execution of your marketing strategy.

A proactive approach

DigiCami monitors your website and we notify you whenever changes are needed.

We contact each client at least once a month to review the changes that need to be made: photos, content, etc. And of course, our clients can contact us at any time for help or advice.

Why choose DigiCami?

DigiCami offers affordable website and online store design, SEO (search engine optimization), marketing strategy development and social media management

We help small and medium-sized companies to develop their business

No additional costs

Website creation and design are included in the subscription. No provision is requested. No hidden costs.

Personal approach

Our customers are our partners. Together, we bring more value to your business.

Affordable solutions

Each customer has different needs. We adapt our different offers to your specific needs.

High quality services

Quality is our priority. DigiCami aims for 100% customer satisfaction.

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